Terms of Product Warranty:

1) The customer must show a warranty card in every repair service

2) Products Warranty applicable immediately from of product delivery or installation

3) The product is out of warranty immediately upon

3.1) Product warranty period expires.

3.2) The damages of products are not covered by terms of warranty including improper use of the product, storage in an improper environment, supply of non-qualified operating systems and peripheral devices as specified in this manual, use or set up of unsuitable peripheral devices for product use, the damage of the product caused by animals or insects that enter the product, modification or adaptation of some parts of the product, Caused by disaster Or natural disasters Or force majeure, caused by power failure or water leak into the product, etc. The customer shall be responsible for spare parts, service fees.

3.3) The product was opened or tampered before reaching the company’s maintenance department.

3.4) The product has been dropped or bumped causing damage.

3.5) The warranty does not cover any damages occurred to person or property or any business of the customer in any cases.

Remark : To provide products with consistent performance and quality in use and long service life without causing easy damage. Customers should choose to use spare parts. Consumables And / or service from the company only Along with the use of equipment Should follow instructions from us or the user manual with the device.

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