What are smart home devices?

Smart home devices are devices that connected by internet in order to be able to control, turn on / off and monitor working status via smart phone.

พัดลมระบายอากาศ/หลอดไฟโซล่าเซลล์ควบคุมด้วยอุปกรณ์ Smart home

Smart home devices can control many types of electrical devices, such as fans, lights, air conditioners, etc. from anywhere.

With such convenience, that can turn on / off electrical devices with voice commands and monitor working status anytime, smart home devices are getting more and more popular.

DWA COOL has made both Solar ventilation fan and Solar light compatible with smart home devices for convenient and easy control.


On / off control by voice command


Solar ceiling fan and solar light is compatible with smart home devices. It works in the bathroom or in the kitchen by voice commands such as “I am going to shower” or “I will cook” to enable solar ventilation fan and light to work immediately.

Monitor working status anytime

On a busy day with plenty of things to sort, sometimes you may forget to turn off the light. You can use a smart phone and connect to the lights so that you can check if electrical devices are deactivated when leaving home.

Long distance control

Sometimes that you travel or go abroad, smart home devices allow you to control or monitor equipment status anywhere.


Save energy by consuming solar energy


Solar ventilation fan or solar light consumes 100% renewable solar energy so it can save on your electricity bills and expenses.

Example of Smart home

Solar fan and Solar light not only consuming renewable energy from solar energy, but also facilitate users with great convenience combining smart home devices by enabling users to control devices via smart phone with voice commands or just a touch and to monitor working status anywhere and anytime.

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