Mold and dust are imperceptible to us and should not be ignored.

Dust, Mold, Bacteria,Virus

Many people may ignore the fungus in their homes during the rainy season. Both are issues that can lead to respiratory disease. The air will be humid due to the rainy season. And cause a high level of humidity in the home. Water may also leak into the house if there are holes or cracks. Make the components In a wet and damp home, creating a breeding ground for mold. However, if we continue to clean the house every day, it’ll become difficult for some people. Because not everyone will be able to stay at home all day. Some families may all go to work and return home at night. Some families do not have enough money to hire a maid to clean their homes.

Home Solar Purify Ventilator Installation
Home Solar Purify Ventilator Installation

Fortunately, if the house has a Solar Purify Ventilator, it will be able to help find the innovative atmosphere in addition to helping to purify the air with a 3-layer filter, which the air filter is HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) certified, even when no one is inside the house. And the damp problem in the house will be reduced, and it will not be necessary to clean the house every day.

3 in 1 HEPA Filter

This can also filter mold, odor, smoke, and fine dust as small as 2.5 PM by preventing allergens and pollutants from circulating back to the outside air.

How's Solar Purify Ventilator work
How’s Solar Purify Ventilator work

It’s also good for people who have respiratory diseases such as asthma, allergies also aid in the prevention of disease caused by viruses and bacteria. The most important consideration does seem to be expenses. There is no need to pay monthly electricity bills. Because the Solar Purify Ventilator running solar-powered, the fan can run continuously throughout the day. There’s even no one at home. After the house has good airing, it will turn off automatically. You just have to pay once, but you can use it for so many years. Mold and dust are no longer an issue. Solar Purify Ventilator can help you and your family’s health.

Solar Purify Ventilator
Solar Purify Ventilator

HEPA filters are now used in a variety of industries other than household and residential. Whether it is an office, transportation, or the medical community that requires a germ-free environment.

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