Before we talk about How does the ventilation fan keep the heat away? we should know where the heat inside the building comes from.

The heat from the sun could enter the house in 4 ways:

1) Heat radiating from the roof into the attic cavity increases the air temperature inside the attic and at the same time increases the air temperature at the ceiling in the room.

2) Heat penetrating through the glass wall

3) Heat radiating through the building wall

4) Hot air entering the building through the door or window

Preventing heat from the roof into the house and residents

Once we know how heat enter the building, then we will learn about how to cool down your home and make it comfortable for the residents.

Naturally, human body temperature can be automatically reduced through 3 processes: convection, radiation and perspiration, but the ventilation system will help the human body’s temperature to drop faster.

Convection : occurs when heat is drawn from the body by air movement of. If the ambient air temperature is lower, the air would absorb body heat and then heat itself up and then blown outside. Thus, if we use a cooling fan to speed up indoor air flow, it will bring the heat to the outside faster and then the residents would feel more cooling. It is noticeable that the faster indoor airflow to the outside is, the lower indoor temperature is.

Radiation : occurs when heat transfer through air between the human body and the objects inside the building. If the temperature indoor is higher than the human body, the heat would move towards the body, making it feels hotter. Therefore, if there is a fan to ventilate heat in the house, such as ceiling, walls or furniture, it will help reduce the heat around the area. The radiation from objects indoor would be less.

Perspiration : could be an inconvenient method and most of us choose another method to reduce the body heat. However, either in summer or during an exercise, the body would sweat to cool itself down. If an air cooling fan is added to ventilate around the body skin, then the moisture disappears faster resulting in reducing body heat.

Benefits of ventilation fan

Unsurprisingly why we need to install a ventilation fan at home, office, and industrial factory because the purpose of ventilation is to reduce the heat inside the building. The good ventilation system would help ventilating hot air out of the building and bringing good air into the building or can be called “Air Ventilation”

Another important aspect of ventilation fan is to control the quality of the indoor air. Sometimes, when there is a large number of people in a building, it could lead to higher levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) or dust. In the case of industrial plants, there are some rooms where dangerous gas is contaminated with air. It is necessary to have ventilation for treatment before bringing to the outside or reusing.

Recommended products

Can be used as a cooling fan for the roof and the wall in industrial factories or residential houses.

Both types are solar ventilation fans that use solar energy, so it saves on electricity costs and provides higher efficiency compared to general ventilation fans.

” Installing a ventilation fan prevents heat from under the roof. Cooling down a hot house. Reducing the work load of the air conditioners, resulting in lower electricity bills as well.”

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