Many village projects in the city, either a townhome, detached house, commercial building, etc., were built next to each other since land is limited and its high price, the following problem is ventilation system.

Most of the ventilation systems used is a natural ventilation because it is inexpensive, for example, a ventilator or a ventilating mask.


However, the problems of natural ventilation are that it works inefficiently, for example, the ventilator spin slowly or stop working when no wind blowing into vents because high buildings blocks the wind flow.

Example of ventilator use compare with solar ventilation fan

An example in the clip is a comparison between ventilator and the solar ventilation fan mounted on the roof of the kitchen of city townhome. The problem is that the ventilator spins a lot slower compared to solar ventilator fan.

To solve the problem, it is necessary to utilize an active ventilation to effectively ventilate.


Solar ventilation fan circulate air in your home better by converting solar energy to electric energy to enable to fan to work without wiring and importantly, without paying electricity bills.

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