Ventilation is necessary to help optimize the environment the working space such as industrial plants, warehouse, garage, etc. Either bringing fresh air into the area or the ventilating the heat, humidity, dust, and unusual odors out of the area, ventilation is essential to be controlled according to standard in order to make sure workers in the area feel comfortable, breath easily and reduce heat.

The heat within an industrial area are caused by :

  • Sunlight:  the heat from the sun exposes to the roof causing indoor temperature to rise
  • Machinery: the heat generated by machinery and equipment while working.
  • Workers: the heat inside the operator’s body while working.

Therefore, using ventilation fans will help bringing the outside air into the building or sucking interior heat to the outside resulting in the cooler temperature inside the building.

Ventilation fan

Solar industrial ventilation fan


Can be used in ventilation to reduce heat. To be installed at industrial factories, warehouse, parking garages, etc.

Special features of solar industrial ventilation fan

  • Does not consume electricity from the AC because solar energy is converted into electrical energy. 
  • Save energy since it is a DC motor, thus it consumes less power compared to an AC motor.
  • Rust-proof frame and waterproof motor according to IP68 standard motor

Solar industrial ventilation fans come in 3 sizes:

1) Fan blade size 810 mm (32 inches)

2) Fan blade size 950 mm (37 inch)

3) Fan blade size 1,100 mm (43 inch)

–> Solar industrial ventilation fan details

Benefits from installing a solar industrial ventilation fan

Reduce heat, humidity, dust

Reduce the production cost because you don’t have to pay for electricity

Reduce energy consumption from using air conditioner

Rate of Ventilation

Rate of ventilation in Table 1 are shown as “air ventilation/ hour”. To utilize the rete, type of location for the type of work must be considered.

อัตราการเปลี่ยนอากาศ (Rate of ventilation)

Table 1 Rate of ventilation table

*For factory area used for receiving goods or packing goods, etc. If it is other type of area, the numbers must be reconsidered.

Basic calculation for the proper ventilation fan size

The calculation of ventilation must consider the volume of air in the room in meters by multiplying [Width X Length X Height] and then multiplying by the air ventilation rate per hour according to Table 1.

Ventilation fan size (m3 /hr) or (CMH) = Width X Length X Height x Air ventilation rate per hour.

For example, find the size of ventilation fan used in the factory pickup area is at 8 meters wide, 10 meters long, 3 meters high.
According to Table 1, air ventilation rate per hour in the factory pickup area is 10.

Ventilation fan size = 15 x 10 x 6 x 10 = 9,000 (m3 / hr) or (CMH).

Therefore, solar industrial ventilation fan Model SN2013020 (CMH = 20,000 m3 / hr) is suitable.

Calculation of ventilation fan size could be more complicated, if other elements is considered such as number of workers and number of machines, etc.

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