How to Install a Solar Ventilator on Roof Tiles

1) Choose the location to install the solar ventilation fan. The vents should not be blocked by the roof’s rafters and the solar panel should face the south.

2) Remove 2 pcs. of roof tiles

3) Cut the roof into a curved hole with 12.5-inch diameter (for 12-inch fan blade) / 14.5-inch (for 14-inch fan blade) or measure the size of fan vent.

4) Apply a silicone seal on the top and sides of the fan vent.

5) Install the fan base (white) and screws firmly.

6) Slide the roof on top of the vent Come down to close the fan base

7) Check that the roof must be completely covered with no gaps not to let water in.

8) Place the solar ventilator fan on the fan base and screw tightly.

9) Adjust the angle of the solar panel at the top of the fan facing south at the angle of approximately 10-15 degrees with the horizontal position.

Details of solar roof ventilator


1) Install on the roof to absorb attic hear

2) Ventilate the heat, dust or odor

Suitable for homes / offices / animal houses / shopping malls / factories / warehouses / chemical storage, etc.

More detail

Solar Roof Ventilation Demonstration

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