EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio)

Before getting to know about how EER can really help saving on air conditioner electricity bill, we should know what the EER rating is?

The efficiency of the air conditioner can be measured by the EER rating, where EER is the ratio of the amount of cooling an air conditioner can produce (output) and the electrical power consumed by an air conditioner for cooling (input).

Therefore, the higher EER rating of a air conditioners is, the more an air conditioners save on more electricity bills.

EER rating ​​can be viewed from a catalog or from the air conditioner property details attached to the device.

Usually, the high EER rating is a standard air conditioner with the symbol of standard number 5 or an inverter air conditioner with a noticeable EER rating higher than 11.

Some of us may have seen the SEER rating appeared instead, can it be replaced? Let’s find out in the SEER rating article.

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