Some who are buying air conditioners, might have some questions

“ Which is a good air conditioner brand? / Which type of air conditioner can save on electricity? ”

This article We will explain a guide on how to buy a quality air conditioner that save on your electricity bills.

Set the size of the air conditioner to fit the room size

The air conditioner size is determined by the size of the room. Usually, most buyers will misunderstand that they should buy a large air conditioner for better cooling and saving energy. In fact, buyers should choose to buy an air conditioner that is suitable for the room size.

Buying too large air conditioner would cool the air in the room faster, but compressor would cut faster than usual. This results in more electricity consumption and abnormal humidity in the room and makes residents feel a strange cold. It is different from choosing the right size of air conditioner that suits the room size. The cooling process would take a moment to cool down and then the compressor would shut, resulting in normal humidity in the room and more comfortable feeling.

Choose air conditioner size according to the room size

Deciding to buy the right size of the air conditioner by calculating the room size

1) Calculate the room space

2) Refer to the table below to compare the room size with the appropriate air conditioner size

3) Considers other factors

The table is for comparing rooms with a ceiling with height of approximately 2.4 meters. If the ceiling is higher than this, the size of the air conditioner should be bigger

If the room is blocked, the size of the air conditioner should be reduced by 10%

If the room is exposed to bright sunlight, the size of the air conditioner should be increased by 10%

If the room has more than 2 people all the time, the capacity should be increased 600 BTU / person

If installing an air conditioner in the kitchen, the capacity should be increased 4,000 BTU

Room Size (sq.m.) Air conditioner capacity (BTU/hr)
12 – 15 9,000
16 – 20 12,000
24 – 30 18,000
28 – 35 21,000
32 – 40 24,000
35 – 44 25,000
40 – 50 30,000
48 – 60 35,000
64 – 80 48,000
80 – 100 80,000

Choose the type of air conditioner you desire

Air conditioner technology is developed gradually to provide users more convenience and save on electricity bills. The selection of air conditioner is considered on the efficiency of an air conditioner, which is, the EER or SEER rating, which is attached to every air conditioner. Buyers should choose a high EER or SEER, because the higher the rating, the more efficiency of reducing electricity consumption an air conditioner is.

Recommend products

ACDC Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner

It is a solar air conditioner that uses solar energy and electric energy. This air conditioner system can save on electricity bills by up to 90% and in case of no sunlight, it will save a lot of electricity by having a SEER rating of up to 36.

Solar Collector Air Conditioner

เครื่องปรับอากาศพลังงานแสงอาทิตย์ Solar Collector

It is an air conditioner that used both solar energy and electric energy to help the air conditioner work more efficiently. This air conditioner system does not use a solar cell system involved but utilize a heat exchanger in the Solar Collector device resulting consuming less 34.5% of electricity.

Plan before installing the air conditioner

A small planning before installing the air conditioner will save on your electricity bills.

Installation of the fan-cooled unit (indoor unit) should be in horizontal level, not necessary to tilt the device much because the sewer can be tilted to drain waste water. If possible, it should be installed under the shade since installing an air conditioner in the sun will reduce its efficiency by 10%. Some of you us may face such problems, installing it under the bright sunlight. To solve this, we can plant trees for more shades to cover the air conditioner yet need to be careful not to block the air flow.

If installing air conditioner on a 2 story house or a 1 story house, the room temperature is quite high during the day since the thermal energy from the roof will radiate into the room. Thus roof or wall ventilation fan should be installed to reduce the heat inside.

Do not place lights, televisions or other electrical device that generates heat, close to the air conditioner, especially the its thermostat because the thermostat is a sensor that detects the room temperature. If in the area around an air conditioner is heated by electrical device, it will result in the air conditioner working hard unnecessarily.

Another way that can save on air conditioner electricity consumption is installing the fan and on it while an air conditioner running. The fan would help spreading the cool air and reducing the air conditioner’s workload.

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